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25kg - 500kg
Soil application


NP organic fertilizer allowed in organic farming.

Raw materials: dried bovine manure and dried manure not coming from industrial farms. Product obtained exclusively from organic fertilizers “allowed in organic farming”.


Element Symbol Description %
Nitrogen N total 3
Phosphorus pentoxide P2O2 total 3
Carbon C biological origin 22
Fulvic acids 12
Fulvic acids 10

Product characterisic

STARLAETE is obtained by mixing, after a long process of humification, matrices which are biologically active. Because of this process, STARLAETE have a high biological load as it contains different useful micro-organisms which are naturally present in the soil as trichoderma, rhizosphere bacteria and saprophytic mushrooms. STARLAETE, due to its nutritional and biological components, favors the settlement and development in the rhizosphere of useful micro-organisms, which help to create the proper environment for healthy growth of the root system and absorption of the nutritive elements.


The reported doses are indicative and may vary depending on the soil and climate of the application area.
Culture Dosage
Strawberries kg 0,5 a pianta
Grapevine kg 0,5 a pianta
Open field vegetables 1000 kg/ha - 1500 kg/ha
Greenhouse vegetables 700 kg(ha -1500 kg/ha
Land 2000 kg/ha - 2500 kg/ha
Industrial crops 1000 kg/ha - 1500 kg/ha