2 Kg, 5 Kg


NITROGEN ORGANIC FERTILIZER - Animal epithelium hydrolyzed with iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) - ALLOWED IN ORGANIC AGRICULTURE - Raw materials: hydrolyzed animal epithelium with maximum concentration of CrVI = 0 mg for each kg of dry substance, iron salt (sulfate), iron chelate (EDTA), manganese salt (sulphate), manganese chelate (EDTA)


Element Symbol %
Nitrogen N organic 4.5
Nitrogen N organic and soluble 4.5
Carbon C organic from biological origin 15
Iron Fe soluble in water 8
Iron Fe chelated with EDTA 4
Manganese Mn soluble in water 4
Manganese Mn chelated with EDTA 2

Chelating agent: EDTA. pH range that guarantee the preservation of the chelating fraction: 4-9.

Product characteristic

VIRIDOL is a mixture with high concentration of Iron and Manganese, composed by a part that is chelated with EDTA and a part which contains the proper amino acids. This particular composition allows a rapid absorption of the microelements in the product. Moreover, the amino acids help the metabolism of the chemical elements and support the plant in the most critical times, when the symptoms of chlorosis can occur. VIRIDOL allows a rapid greening of the plant, improving its photosynthesis process.