25 Kg, 600 Kg


Organo-mineral fertilizer NPK (MgO + SO3) + Fe + Mn+ C. 9-5-16 (2 + 20) + 1 + 0.1 + 7.5. Low chlorine content. Obtained by granulation.


Element Symbol %
nitrogen N total 9
nitrogen N organic 2
nitrogen N ammonia 5.5
nitrogen N urea 1.5
Phosphoric anhydride P2O5 totale 5
Phosphoric anhydrid P2O5 soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water 5
Phosphoric anhydrid P2O5 soluble in water 4
potassium oxide K2O soluble in water 16
magnesium oxide MgO total 2
sulfur dioxide SO3 soluble in water 20
ferro Fe totale 1
manganese Mn total 0.1
carbon C organic 7.5

Product characteristic

Acid reaction fertilizer.

  • Nitrogen: organic fraction with slow mineralization (natural slow release)
  • Phosphorus: Totally soluble and available
  • Potassium: BTC the most valuable sulphate potassium
  • Sulfur: essential for valuable crops (intervenes in protein synthesis)
  • Magnesium, iron, manganese: suitably balanced to promote photosynthesis and prevent nutritional deficiencies linked to these elements.

SUPERLAETE is a granular organo-mineral fertilizer obtained by reaction. The composition and the quality of the raw materials that make up this product ensure that it is particularly suitable for fertilizing the most demanding crops, favoring quality production, fruit growing, viticulture, horticulture.

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