Solvita Compost maturity test


Kit for the analysis of compost


It comprises n. 2 chromatic indicators that detect CO2 respiration and ammonia volatility in 4 hours. Specific tables allow to interpret the obtained results.

Product characteristic

Solvita Compost Maturity Test is a widely recognized and easy-to-perform procedure to evaluate CO2 and volatile ammonia (NH3), the two main gaseous emissions of active compost. These combined data allow us to assess the stability and maturity of the compost, and consequently the quality of the compost itself.

Solvita is used for compost for the following purposes: * comply with the standards of maturity * assess the status of the compost and determine the ventilation requirements * determine the optimal use and the ammonia present.

The Solvita Compost Maturity Test can also be used to obtain different types of information regarding stability and maturity (related factors), potential nitrogen loss and respiration rate. Any problems are highlighted, to which explanations and possible remedies are attributed. The test is practical, fast and reliable, and can be performed on site.

Analysis equipment