20 Kg, 5 Kg


EC FERTILIZER - 6% iron chelate (EDDHSA) ALLOWED IN ORGANIC AGRICULTURE Raw materials: iron chelate (EDDHSA)


Element | Symbol | | % - | - | - | - Iron | Fe | soluble in water | 6 Iron | Fe | soluble in EDDHSA | 6 Chelating agent: EDDHSA. pH range that guarantee the preservation of the chelating fraction: 3-10.

Product characteristic

SIDERENE is a product based on iron completely chelated with EDDHSA, a chelating agent with excellent stability; at the same time the presence of the sulphonic radical gives to the product high solubility. SIDERENE is recommended for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency (chlorosis), which can be recognized by yellowing of the young leaves. Iron is a very important element because it is involved in the formation of chlorophyll. Moreover, it is a catalyst for many enzymes and it is involved in the reduction of nitrates.