25Kg 600Kg


OM fertilizer NPK (SO3) 8.16.10 (8) with organic carbon (7.5) and organic nitrogen (1) - obtained by granulation.


Element Symbol %
Nitrogen N total 8
Nitrogen N organic 1
Nitrogen N ammonia 6
Nitrogen N nitric 1
Phosphorus pentoxide P2O5 total 16
Phosphorus pentoxide P2O5 soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water 15
Phosphorus pentoxide P2O5 soluble in water 14
Potassium oxide K2O soluble in water 10
Sulfur dioxide SO3 8
Carbon C organic 7.5

Product characteristic

OSCAR 8-16-10 is a mineral organic fertilizer obtained by reaction. Its composition makes it particularly suitable for all those crops that take advantage of a phosphorus contribution particularly in the early vegetative phases, while ensuring a balanced supply of Nitrogen and Potassium in different forms for a balanced vegetative growth. OSCAR 8-16-10 an acid-reaction fertilizer and it is also rich in organic matter (about 25% by weight). This combination guarantees adequate protection and phosphorus availability for a long time.

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