25 Kg, 600 Kg


Minerale organic feritilizerNPK +C 8 - 18 -18 +7,5


Elemento Simbolo %
Nitrogen N total 8
Nitrogen N organic 2
Nitrogen N ammoniacal 6
Phosphoric anhydride P2O5 totale 18
Phosphoric anhydride P2O5 soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water 18
Phosphoric anhydride P2O5 soluble in water 16
Potassium oxide K2O soluble in water 18
carbon C organic 7.5

Product characteristic

  • Nitrogen: organic nitrogen with slow mineralization (natural slow release)
  • Phosphorous: completely soluble and available
  • Potassium: Mixed salts with the different fractions appropriately balanced in order to obtain a perfect solubility.

GRANLAETE is a mineral organ fertilizer obtained by reaction. The rich and balanced composition in phosphorus and potassium as well as the nitrogenous fraction not excessive and partly organic, make this product particularly suitable for the fertilization in pre-seeding and pre-planting of crops.

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